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Seeing the seeds of hope

By Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis — It’s been difficult to digest the news this week: from knifings in nearby St. Cloud, shootings and community outrage in Tulsa and Charlotte, to department store killings near Seattle. It’s hard to tear my attention away from this progression to even contemplate the increased bombing of the city of […]

Church members to be surveyed for pastoral search

Your collaborative work with the Pastoral Search Committee this summer has yielded a lot of great information about who we are as a congregation and what traits in a pastor can best support our vision as “Seekers and servants, growing in God’s transforming love.” Thanks to everyone who contributed to this work! Now we need […]

Panel discussion on community policing

Falcon Heights Church will be the venue for a public panel discussion Sept. 29 on Models for Community Policing. Sponsored by Falcon Heights We Can Do Better, the discussion will include racial equity, police training, policing models, and residents’ roles in improving policing. The conversation is intended to help inform the work of a proposed […]

Breakfast cereal for hungry kids

We are providing cereal for 22 students at Falcon Heights Elementary School who receive a weekend food package through the Sheridan Project. Current priorities are individual oatmeal packets and granola bars. Please leave donations in or near the white bucket in the church lobby.

Talking with kids about social justice and race

Two sessions during our First Hour faith education hour this month will focus on helping parents and other adults talk with kids about issues of social justice and race. On Sunday, Sept. 18, Kyle and Rachelle Roeckman will lead a discussion on “How to Talk with Kids about Social Justice.” On Sunday, Sept. 25, we […]

September book discussion: “Dear White Christians”

We’ve lamented the death of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights. We’ve prayed for black men killed by police, for police officers killed while protecting protesters, for the families of all involved. We exhibited peace cranes at our church, and some of us have gone to public gatherings to listen and discuss what happened. Now what? […]

On the “road” with the Pastoral Search Committee

Next time you enter the church, look up toward the ceiling and you’ll see something new. Pastoral Search Committee members Pat Bohman and Mike Bradbury have designed a “road” representing the committee’s work and timeline. The road is currently “under construction” with just the roadway itself completed at this time, but watch as it develops […]

Prepare and serve a meal at House of Charity Sept. 24

Our next date to prepare and serve a meal at House of Charity in Minneapolis is Saturday, Sept. 24. We’ll meet in the church parking lot at 8:30 a.m. to carpool and return around noon. We will need between five and eight people to help prepare food and serve it to residents and homeless people. […]

Following up on “Open and Affirming”

About 30 people stayed after church Aug. 7 to attend the first discussion of the Open and Affirming Working Group, “Starting the Conversation about LGBTQ with Family and Friends.” The purpose of the discussion was to gain a basic understanding of commonly referenced Biblical passages that people use to argue against the LGBTQ community. The […]

Third Guided Conversation looks at pastor’s expectations of us

A third Guided Conversation Sunday is scheduled for Aug. 21, and the Pastoral Search Committee looks forward to hearing from all of you. This time our focus will shift. Previous guided conversations have focused on what we expect of our new pastor. Because our congregation and our new pastor will be in a covenantal relationship […]