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Celebrate “Fat Tuesday” on Feb. 9

Come celebrate Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, with us on Feb. 9. Food, games, mask making and lots of fun! At the end of the evening, we’ll have an informal Ash Wednesday observance for all ages. Join us from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Gathering Room.

As God’s sons and daughters

By Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis — Before I came to serve as your interim minister over a year ago now, I was leading a United Church of Christ congregation in northern Virginia, in the suburbs right outside of Washington, D.C. One of the members there shared an encounter with me that she had with her […]

2016 sermon archive

2016 sermons by the Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis and the Rev. Jacob Kanake 1-10-16 As God’s sons and daughters 2-14-16 The Lord’s Prayer: What’s in a name?  2-21-16 The Lord’s Prayer: the Kingdom of God’s good pleasure  2-28-16 The Lord’s Prayer: bread and fish for all  3-6-16 The Lord’s Prayer: The challenge of forgiveness  3-13-16 […]

Help provide home-delivered meals

Our Inreach Ministry Team provides home-delivered meals to members of our congregation who are coping with serious illness at home. Several families have needed our help over the holidays, and we would like to grow our list of volunteers. Contact Carolyn Hill of the Inreach Ministry Team if you can provide a meal (651-646-6656 or […]

Falcon Heights Church Statement of Faith

United Church of Christ Statement of Faith (from FHCUCC Constitution, Article II – PURPOSE, FAITH AND COVENANT, Section 2.1) While granting each member the freedom to interpret God’s Truth as God gives each of them light and wisdom, this church recognizes and accepts as the basis of our common purpose, faith and covenant found in […]

“My Kingdom is not from here”

By Rev. Glen Herrington-Hall, guest preacher — The readings for the final Sunday of this church year, for this Christ the King Sunday (2 Samuel 23:1-7, John 18:33-38a), include one about the end of a beloved king’s life, and one about another who has been called king which leaves us with a profound question unanswered. […]

What does giving do?

By Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis — As we approach Veterans Day again this year, I remember that my own father was only a small cog in a big wheel of a huge battle. As I described in my Children’s Message just now, he played a small part in a very big war. Yet for anyone […]

Treasures and generosity

By Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis — You may have heard about how the popular personal finance expert Suzy Orman begins each of her conversations with a new client. She asks them to think back over their upbringing and youth, their early adult years, and to describe to her their memories about money. She invites people […]

Living waters

By Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis — Once upon a time there were two young fish swimming along together in the ocean. They passed an older fish who called out to them, “How’s the water, boys?” The two young fish kept swimming and looked at each other. “Huh?” said one of them. And the other one […]

Considering scripture’s promises

By Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis — We had a major collision on our streets yesterday, right here in our own Falcon Heights backyard. As hundreds of people marched toward the Minnesota State Fair Grounds under the banner of Black Lives Matter, no vehicles were reported damaged and no one was physically harmed. But it was […]