This is the current prayer list for Falcon Heights Church. Please hold the following in your prayers:

Flo Nicholson, Catherine Holtzclaw’s mother-in-law; at end of her life, broken hip.

Aileen Gaasch, Mary Gaasch’s mother, broken hip.

Jenica Domanico’s grandfather, COVID-19, in hospice.

Dan White, recovering from possible COVID-19.

Libby O’Connell’s friend and colleague Sue Benhardus, pancreatic cancer.

Lynne Meyer, in the death of her sister, Carol.

The Berke family, in the death of Dan Berke.

Brian Richardson, Carol Meeter’s brother-in-law, life’s challenges.

Brad Wicklem, organ failure.

Ted Schwenker, a former FHC member; untreatable cancer.

Phil Damico, father of a friend of Mary Gaasch; cancer.

Marilyn Kobylarz, Lynne Meyer’s cousin; recovering from cancer surgery.

Gordon Everest’s son-in-law, prostate cancer.

Seth Noble, the son of Cindy and Greg Noble. Seth has volunteered to go to New York City to work in the ICU at NYU Kimmel Hospital.

Alan and June Enos, parents of friends of Rick and Linda in Florida, COVID-19.

Barb Neihart’s neighbor Sue, lung cancer.

Those in our community who are hungry and afraid, especially children from Falcon Heights School who depend on school nutrition programs and are facing food scarcity now that schools are closed.

All those affected by hate crimes, unjust treatment at our borders, and discrimination based on race, sex and other factors.

Healing for the racial divisions in our community:

  • Justice for George Floyd, and compassion and comfort for his family and friends.
  • An end to violence.  Comfort and healing to all those injured by the violence, whether physically, emotionally  or spiritually.
  • Calm for our nation, our cities, and that the underlying problems causing these acts can finally be addressed and we can work to permanently solve them.
  • Prayers for the clergy of many faiths and other leaders who have begun to be a peaceful presence as witnesses and diffusers of tension on the streets of the Metro.

COVID-19 prayers:

  • Those ill from the virus.
  • Health professionals and caregivers: Thanks and protect yourself.
  • Governments worldwide: Do the right thing.
  • Businesses, employees and all who are financially suffering.
  • Those who are tempted to hoard.
  • Those isolated from family and friends.
  • Those who do not take the treat seriously: Realize how each of us must be responsible.

If you have a request for prayer, please contact Jan Blomberg,, who will pass on your request to the Prayer Group. If you would like prayers for someone other than yourself, please obtain permission from that person first.

Prayer list last updated 6/3/2020