Last updated 4/9/2021

This is the current prayer list for Falcon Heights Church. Please hold the following in your prayers:

  • Kathy and Tom Baldwin’s daughters and families; granddaughter Brynn tested positive for strep and Covid and mom Erin is ill.
  • Barb, friend of Cor Wilson, cancer.
  • Gordy Everest and family, in the death of Gordy’s wife, Marty, March 2.
  • Gramith family, hope, peace and healing after boating accident/Chuck’s health.
  • Aileen Gaasch, Mary Gaasch’s mother, in Catholic Eldercare Village East.
  • Mary Gaasch and family, major home repair expenses.
  • Mary Heininger, Margot Olsen’s mother, who has transitioned to a new apartment and care setting.
  • Elaine Jaeger, Lynne Bradbury’s mother; recovering from setback after hip replacement.
  • Noah Keitel, broken collarbone skiing, followed by a fall on ice.
  • Karen Meile, recovering at home after a blood clot.
  • Linda Owen, ongoing treatment for breast cancer.
  • Brian Richardson, Carol Meeter’s brother-in-law; life’s challenges.
  • Sally Schroeder, daughter of Sue and Doug Nelson; next steps in breast cancer treatment.
  • Ted Schwenker, a former FHC member; untreatable cancer.
  • Marilyn Smith, in rehab at Lyngblomsten.
  • Kelly Whalen, Carly’s mother-in-law; hospitalized for intestinal problems.
  • Brad Wicklem, second kidney transplant.

Community prayers:

  • A prayer of healing for young people affected by sexual abuse, their advocates, and their healers.
  • Those in our community who are hungry and afraid, especially children from Falcon Heights School.
  • All those affected by hate crimes, including discrimination based on race, sex and other factors.
  • Peaceful and purposeful protests in the Chauvin trial.
  • Police accountability and reform from lawmakers at all levels of government.
  • Smooth transition of power to the Biden-Harris administration.
  • Victims of gun violence in Atlanta and Boulder and residents of those communities; also legislation for gun control.

COVID-19 prayers:

  • Those ill from the virus.
  • Health professionals and caregivers, including Robert Everest, Gordy’s son: Thanks.
  • Governments worldwide: Do the right thing.
  • Businesses, employees and all who are suffering financially.
  • Those isolated from family and friends.
  • Those who do not take the threat seriously: Realize how each of us must be responsible.

If you have a request for prayer, please contact Jan Blomberg, [email protected], who will pass on your request to the Prayer Group. If you would like prayers for someone other than yourself, please obtain permission from that person first.