Last updated 12/4/2023

This is the current prayer list for Falcon Heights Church. Please hold the following in your prayers:

  • Andres, Gordie Everest’s son-in-law; cancer.
  • Elliot, baby grandson of Norm and Jan Broadbent; eye surgery was successful, and more surgery is needed.
  • Polly Hamlin, friend of Lynne Meyer and Mary Walser; in hospice.
  • Joy, the wife of a member of Gordy Everest’s barbershop quartet; hemiplegic migraines. Also, family members with the same condition.
  • Rachel, Libby O’Connell’s friend; cancer.
  • Sheri, Lynne Meyer’s sister-in-law; stage 4 melanoma.
  • Jean Stansbury, sister of Kathy Baldwin’s sister-in-law; breast cancer/DNA problems.
  • Nikki Storebo, friend of Mary Gaasch; in Missouri for treatment of cancer.
  • Cathy Svoboda, Chuck Gramith’s sister; undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. Prayers for healing and finding peace.
  • Terry, Dennis Dietzel’s neighbor; heart attack.
  • Linda Weinert, Char’s sister-in-law; in an extended care facility.
  • Our church, in its time of transition.

Community prayers:

  • U.S. House of Representatives: work together for the best for our country.
  • Israel, Gaza, all of the Middle East: peace.
  • People of Afghanistan: earthquake.
  • All those affected by hate crimes and discrimination based on race, sex and other factors.
  • Police accountability and reform from lawmakers at all levels of government.
  • Victims of gun violence: peace in all neighborhoods.
  • The people of Ukraine, in their struggle to survive as they fight the Russian invasion.

If you have a request for prayer, please contact Jan Blomberg, [email protected], who will pass on your request to the Prayer Group. If you would like prayers for someone other than yourself, please obtain permission from that person first.