Home Communion ministry starting

Think of it as Meals on Wheels for the soul. We’re starting a Home Communion ministry to bring the Sacrament to where people live, along with a visit and conversation from a caring member of the congregation.

Do you know someone who could benefit from monthly visits like these? Would YOU like to bring Communion to someone each month, to brighten their day and help them feel more connected to our congregation?

We’ve made great strides in online worship ministry, but our connections go beyond watching the service. Being physically present with each other is an essential part of our life together, and our experience of pandemic-induced isolation the past year and a half has only strengthened that need.

Rev. Rick and John and Linda Seyfarth are starting this new ministry. We’re looking for others who want to join them in strengthening FHC’s caring ministries through these regular monthly visits, with conversation and a willingness to pray with the person, as well as sharing the Sacrament.

In the same way Meals on Wheels is more than just a nutrition program, Home Communion is intended to be more than just bringing people the Bread and Cup. Home Communion visitors will also communicate any needs for follow-up to the Inreach and Care Ministry Team or Rev. Rick.

Interested in being a visitor, or know someone who needs it? If so, please let us know: email [email protected] or call 651-646-2681 and leave us a voice mail.