Listening to our lives during Lent

When is it easiest for you to listen? When is it hardest? What’s your favorite sound, and what do you love about it? Can you remember a time when someone didn’t listen to you? What happened? How did it feel? How do you listen for God? What helps you to listen more deeply? How does it feel in your body when you are listening really deeply?

Our theme during the season of Lent, Feb. 17-March 28, is “Listening.” Drawing on the season’s Sunday readings, sounds and visuals, questions on listening from intern Carly Gaeth, and readings from Mark Nepo’s book, “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen,” we’ll explore the many ways we listen and what we hear, around and within.

Listening deepens and sharpens across entire lifetimes. You can use this Lenten listening calendar to help you listen for the sacred in everyday life during this season. Write down a word or two about where you or your family members hear or notice the Sacred in the course of each day.