New members joining Sunday, Jan. 28

Jan. 25, 2024

By Rev. Rick King

In our Litany of Reception of New Members in the back of the Green Book, Seeker and Servant Songs, it says, “Dear friends, today we rejoice in your journey of faith that has brought you to this time and place. We give thanks for every community of faith that has been our spiritual home in the past, and the spiritual mentors who have guided you on your way. We celebrate your presence today in this household of faith, where we are seekers and servants, growing in God’s transforming love.”

Six new members are joining Falcon Heights Church this coming Sunday, and we DO give thanks for every community of faith that’s been their spiritual home, the mentors who’ve guided them on their way, and the various paths they’ve traveled to get here today. I want to introduce them here so we can greet them on Sunday.

Bill Betzler comes to us by letter of transfer from Robbinsdale Parkway UCC, where he was involved in the men’s ministry there, among other things. He is part of our Tuesday Bible study group, is retired, and does volunteer work with men in recovery from addiction, the unhoused, and in resourcing a start-up non-profit.

Dennis Dietzel has attended for several years and recently made the decision to join FHC as a member. He’s active in our choir and music ministry (he plays saxophone) along with his wife, Marianne, and with the Property Ministry Team, along with helping out wherever else he’s needed and can apply his gifts.

Carl Larson began attending worship here in the late summer and quickly became involved volunteering on outdoor clean-up days and sprucing up the restrooms and floors on Sunday mornings before worship when needed. He is now our primary snow and ice removal specialist, keeping our walkways safe and available for our many partners and FHCers.

Janet Liliemark comes to us via letter of transfer from UCC New Brighton and has been attending for several months, quickly joining the choir and becoming part of the Tuesday Bible study. She initially came to FHC on hiatus from New Brighton while they’re in an interim period searching for a new lead pastor, and she liked it so much she decided to stay.

Dan and Lauren Kizaur began attending FHC online during the pandemic, and eventually attended worship in our parking lot when we had a taiko drumming group as our guest musicians one Sunday. They have twin 2-year-old children, Rowan and Delaney, and especially appreciate our nursery attendant Sara Nedeau’s loving ways with Rowan and Delaney.

WELCOME, Bill, Dennis, Carl, Janet, Dan and Lauren!