Reverse Advent Calendar for DIW

The Advent season begins Sunday, Nov. 28. The Outreach Committee is once again sponsoring a “Reverse Advent Calendar” to prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christ’s birth.

We continue to work with DIW (Department of Indian Work) to gather much-needed items for those in need. We ask that all items be brought to church by Thursday, Dec. 16. (There will also be our other traditional opportunities for giving, so your family can choose those that work best for you.)

Each day your family can purchase or set aside an item from the suggested list of things that are most needed. This is a guide; please feel free to personalize the list to fit your family’s values and budget. Perhaps you can prepare a special space in your home where you can bring this offering, pause and lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for all you have received and can freely give to others:

“Loving God, as we feel the pressure to keep pace with an increasingly hurried and greedy world, let us pause today to remember your constant presence and abundance in our lives. You have called us to be a people who rise above the frantic, consuming nature of our surroundings. Let us reflect the peace of your Spirit today. Amen.”