Donations help touch lives

This past year, our church’s Outreach Team voted to give $1,500 from the pastoral care fund to the Kente Circle Training Institute (KCTI). KCTI is now partnering with UCare and the Confess Project to train Black/African-American barbers and hairstylists in Minnesota to have conversations with their customers about mental health and substance abuse concerns.

This training is free to the recipients. Additionally, the first 100 barbers and hairstylists who sign up will receive a $100 stipend. KCTI sees this is an opportunity to better equip the Black community with knowledge and support tools to address mental health and substance abuse.

KCTI is an African-American/Black-owned nonprofit that provides culturally competent mental health training, workshops, research and consultation to students at all levels of experience. KCTI seeks to promote social justice, countering societal forces that undermine people due to race, gender, culture, class, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. Kente Circle is located a few blocks from George Floyd square and has been a trusted resource in the community for many years.