Church at the crossroads: report, survey

Crossroads Team update for April 25:

Today’s cultural environment presents churches with complex challenges for which there are no easy answers. Churches face dramatically changing cultural surroundings in which established patterns of Christian life and witness no longer connect with many people in the neighborhood. Forming and restoring community with these neighbors for the sake of Christian witness and service requires learning new ways of embodying and communicating the gospel. –From “The Agile Church,” by Dwight J. Zscheile

Our culture is increasingly secular. The Crossroads Team is exploring how Falcon Heights Church can survive and even thrive in these times. One of our first tasks is to determine who our neighbors are. Even more important, we need to know their needs and interests.

On May 5, team member Conee Biggs will be sharing some demographic data prepared for the Minnesota Conference. She will also discuss the implications of that data. We will then be asking the congregation to respond to a short 5-question survey. We invite you to join us in discerning how to serve God’s people and express God’s love for all of creation.