Congregations learn about Afro-Christian Convention

Four congregations gathered March 4 for food, fellowship and learning about the important new UCC history book, Afro-Christian Convention, edited by Rev. Dr. Yvonne Delk. Rev. Delk and Rev. Dr. Henry Simmons, who is also a contributor to the book, Zoomed into the event attended by over 50 members from Clark-Grace UCC, Falcon Heights Church UCC, Macalester Plymouth United Church and St. Anthony Park UCC.

The evening started with a simple meal of bread and soup and getting to know each other. Revs. Delk and Simmons spoke passionately about the hidden history of a group of churches present during the founding of the UCC called the Afro-Christian Convention, now referred to as the fifth stream of the UCC. Its history as a group begins in the late 1800s, but these vital faith communities trace their histories back much further, their roots going back to Africa.

In reflecting on their history and present-day witness in the UCC, the speakers talked about Ubuntu, a Zulu word that refers to humanity’s interconnectedness, sometimes translated as “I am because we are.” The inspiring evening ended with singing led by Rev. Oliver White of Clark-Grace UCC.

–Rev. Adam Blons, Macalester Plymouth United Church