Expectations: Search committee seeks our input

June 2, 2016 — We are finding we are a very diverse group with different experiences in this congregation. The book is guiding us to identify our questions around the covenant with our future pastor. Similar to an individual entering a marriage covenant, a trust in the unknown future is required, as well as mutual support and the promise to be in communication together as needs change through time. This committee feels the weight of the work ahead as we discern the truth of our call for a new leader.

We have also discussed what ordination means in the pastoral-congregation relationship and how do we support an ordained person who is “set apart” to do God’s work. This has led us to develop questions for the congregation as to what expectations we have for our pastor and what expectations we have for ourselves as a congregation. Answers to these questions will help in the development of our church profile.

We will be looking for involvement in guided conversation groups, similar to those from the discovery process, during worship over the summer and fall. Summer dates for these groups are three Sundays: June 26, July 24, and Aug. 21. Please join in conversation with us! We also plan to collect ideas by other means from those who are unable to be present during these dates.

–By Jenica Domanico, co-chair