Future Search: Planning for sustainable ministry at FHC

By Mark Miazga, Moderator

The FHC Executive Board will devote time in its next three meetings to planning for a congregational discernment process to develop a strategy for sustainable ministry into the future. We’re asking for your prayers and participation in this important work. It’s called a “Future Search,” and the congregational phase will launch in early 2024. Please see below for our board focus at the meetings Nov. 21, Dec. 19, and Jan. 16, 2024.


Recent past focus: We will discuss over Zoom what we’ve learned in the last three and a half years through experiences and activities, including the 2019 Crossroads Initiative; the COVID-19 pandemic adjustments; major new building partnerships with Highland Friendship Club and North Star Chorus; the Education wing building inspection, and others.


Present reality focus: At the Dec. 19 meeting, also on Zoom, the board will develop a snapshot of what we know about our present reality, inquiring into information such as our 2023 and developing 2024 budget resources; those of the FHC Foundation; and the current state of the world and how it’s affecting our church and other churches’ viability—potential threats as well as opportunities.


Possible futures focus: The Jan. 16 meeting will be in person. Looking ahead to the Annual Congregational Meeting, we’ll generate multiple scenarios and options for the congregation’s future based on our inquiry into the past and present, and do our best to play out each scenario to its end result in the next two to five years. A few of the most attractive scenarios will be presented for the congregational part of the discernment process.

Throughout the process, we’re hoping to draw a few additional participants from the congregation at each of these meetings, not to offer opinions, but to share their expertise in specific areas that can help us flesh out our understanding of the past and present and evaluate the best scenarios to put before the whole congregation.