March Executive Board update

The Executive Board met on March 17 via the videoconferencing service Zoom.

COVID-19 response

The Board voted to close the church building to the public until April 6 and gave Rev. Rick the authority to shorten or lengthen the closure as circumstances warrant.

Engage a real estate agent

Our leaders have discussed finding one or more tenants who could occupy little-used space in our building. This would provide an additional revenue stream for our programming activities and building maintenance.

On March 12, Rev. Rick King, Marv Fabyanske, Office Manager Shannon Kaiser and Moderator Cor Wilson met with a real estate agent who has provided tenant matchmaking services for other churches. The Board authorized Rick and Cor to engage the agent to seek a tenant to “cohabitate” with us.

Outdoor signage

There has been interest among our congregation in a digital sign that can be changed to announce worship times and special events. Board member Mark Miazga met recently with city staff about this. He reported that the zoning code prohibits a “dynamic” sign in a residential area, although we could ask for a variance. Mark and Bob Olsen agreed to work with Rev. Rick on options and cost and report next month.

Revising the Constitution and Bylaws

Marv Fabyanske will reconvene the Constitution & By-Laws Working Group in the coming month to work on a proposal and timeline. The revisions would give Falcon Heights Church more flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances. The group will report at the April Board meeting, with a goal of preparing the revised documents for a congregational vote in the fall.

–Cor Wilson, Moderator