On the “road” with the Pastoral Search Committee

Next time you enter the church, look up toward the ceiling and you’ll see something new. Pastoral Search Committee members Pat Bohman and Mike Bradbury have designed a “road” representing the committee’s work and timeline. The road is currently “under construction” with just the roadway itself completed at this time, but watch as it develops to show the steps we’ve taken in our journey to call a new pastor. With your help, we’ve accomplished a lot already!

Our third Guided Conversation Sunday, Aug. 21, was about what our future pastor could expect from us in support of the mutual ministry with the congregation. We talked about the signs of health we see in our church, what we’re individually doing to live out our vision of being “seekers and servants, growing in God’s transforming love,” and gave examples of how we’re doing in our covenant with each other: “We will SPEAK the truth in love, CELEBRATE each other’s gifts and perspectives, CHOOSE the good of the whole church over our individual preferences and comforts.”

Your collective voices said our future pastor can expect us to provide:

  • Positive support for time off for study, vacations and sabbaticals.
  • Positive support of mutual ministry in our pastoral care.
  • Direct communication about concerns, hopes and ideas.
  • Active lay leaders and positive volunteers sharing God’s work of the church.
  • Accountability for all members to speak the truth with love.
  • Eagerness to hear a challenging message and learn about God.
  • Willingness to be examples of God’s love within and without the church.

Thank you to all of the participants in the three summer conversation Sundays. Despite the fact that it was summertime and many members vacation and travel during these months, there was always a good turnout and participants were actively engaged in each conversation. Because of this commitment and openness of opinions, the Pastoral Search Committee can present a clearer picture of who “we” are to pastoral candidates.