Pastoral search expectations: what we’ve said so far

With your help and input during two Guided Conversation Sundays, the Pastoral Search Committee has truly begun the collective work towards finding our new pastor. Thank you to all who participated and have shared your thoughts and opinions. Evidence of this work is on display in the Gathering Room.

What have we said so far about what we expect in a new pastor? On June 26, we talked about expectations regarding theology, beliefs and worship. Here is a summary of the top responses:

  • Preaches a sermon that is biblically based, but relevant to our daily lives, and challenges us to do God’s work.
  • Seeks to appeal to and include all generations in faith formation activities.
  • Motivates us as church members to take a leading role in worship and faith formation activities using our unique talents.
  • Is flexible and dynamic.
  • Has a strong appreciation for music.

On July 24, we discussed our expectations about our pastor’s self-care, continuing education and personal balance. The top responses were:

  • Makes time to sit alone to listen for God’s message.
  • Makes time for study through classes, seminars, and retreats.
  • Seeks social and emotional support outside of the congregation through family, friends, and counseling.
  • Is active in the UCC Conference.
  • Meets regularly with mentors and colleagues.
  • Has excellent delegation and communication skills.
  • Is a good listener.

The third Guided Conversation Sunday on Aug. 21 will focus on what a new pastor can expect from our congregation. Watch for details in upcoming editions of the TAB, and please take a moment to read the Pastoral Search Committee’s full report (PSC update 8-4-16).