Third Guided Conversation looks at pastor’s expectations of us

A third Guided Conversation Sunday is scheduled for Aug. 21, and the Pastoral Search Committee looks forward to hearing from all of you. This time our focus will shift. Previous guided conversations have focused on what we expect of our new pastor. Because our congregation and our new pastor will be in a covenantal relationship that experiences and practices mutual ministry, the pastor will have some expectations of us as well. What can the new pastor expect from his/her congregation at FHCUCC?

These questions will prompt our conversations on Aug. 21:

1. The way a church treats its pastor is a sign of the health of the congregation. What signs of health do you see in the way we care for and support our pastor?

2. Our vision statement created from your work with the Discovery Team declares, “We are seekers and servants, growing in God’s transforming love.” What are YOU called to do to be a seeker and servant growing in God’s transforming love?

3. Faithful pastors and healthy congregations expect each other to anticipate conflict and to speak directly. Our covenant created from your work with the Discovery Team says, “We will SPEAK the truth in love, CELEBRATE each other’s gifts and perspectives, CHOOSE the good of the whole church over our individual preferences and comforts.” Give examples of how you are doing this?

If you are not able to be in church that Sunday, we invite you to email any of the committee members with your thoughts and responses to these questions. You can read a longer update from the committee here:  PSC update 8-11-16