Vitality-building projects underway

In recent months, the Crossroads Team has been discussing ways to build on the vitality of our congregation. We’ve looked at reaching out to the community, meeting people where they are, and sharing our space with other organizations.

Here are some innovative examples of that process already in action:

  • Sarah Wright, Susie Risher, Nancy Duffrin and Rev. Rick canvassed the neighborhood prior to the Community Swap Meet June 15. They recruited 25 neighbors to attend, far exceeding their hopes (see “Top News: Healing the Earth builds community ties” elsewhere in the TAB).
  • Outdoor Painters of Minnesota now has its offices at Falcon Heights Church. The group exhibited members’ work at Art Night on June 12.
  • Crossroads team members will be reaching out to community leaders in July. We hope to learn from them and discuss possible collaborations between church and community.

–Larry Schumacher