We are in this together

by Rev. Rick King

(The following is Rev. Rick King’s column from the Nov. 5 TAB newsletter — before the election winners were called.)

Last week’s column ended with a question: “What will you do the day after the election is decided?”

This week, we begin with a different question: How will you be the day after the election is decided?

Managing our insides is the work of hope and courage, just as co-creating the society we want, where all can thrive. They’re two halves of the same whole, and the goal of a mature spiritual life. They’re also what’s going to help us go forward after this election decision, no matter what the outcome is.

Sometimes it helps to remember what binds us, and what getting along, despite our differences, feels like. Tuesday, I saw and felt that as 10 volunteers and I welcomed voters throughout the day and thanked them for voting.

For me, being outside the church was an important reminder of each person’s humanity, and at least for the day, I could imagine people acting out of their best intentions.

I kept thinking to myself, “I don’t know how any of these people voted, even though I could guess—but I don’t want to know, at least not for today!”

Why? Because after such division and acrimony during the campaign, I was ready for a break. Yes, even me, who is so enthusiastic about having an impact on the Minnesota legislature’s agenda for 2021 and worked hard to try to sway voters toward what is possible.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited to start that next chapter, even though, at this writing, final vote-counts aren’t in yet. But the most important thing is to be prepared inwardly to adapt, adjust, and move forward with enthusiasm and courage, knowing that all of us, regardless of political party, are in this together.

Yes, when a new government is finally chosen, we will get ready to dive in and work relentlessly for what we believe God is calling us to be and do as a state and as a nation. But for me, Tuesday outside the church, greeting voters, was a glimpse into what we have in common.

I hope I don’t forget that as I pursue the agenda I’d like to see!