2016 sermon archive

2016 sermons by the Rev. Anne Swallow Gillis and the Rev. Jacob Kanake

1-10-16 As God’s sons and daughters

2-14-16 The Lord’s Prayer: What’s in a name? 

2-21-16 The Lord’s Prayer: the Kingdom of God’s good pleasure 

2-28-16 The Lord’s Prayer: bread and fish for all 

3-6-16 The Lord’s Prayer: The challenge of forgiveness 

3-13-16 The Lord’s Prayer: Facing evil, making choices 

3-20-16 A provocative entry

3-27-16 Easter message 

4-24-16 Tunes and testimony 

5-22-16 The community of God 

5-29-16 The contour of faith 

6-5-16 New life, new hope

6-26-16 Exploring our expectations of our new pastor

7-3-16 We are the church 

8-7-16 God’s good pleasure 

9-25-16 Seeing the seeds of hope 

10-2-16 Another look at “faith”