“Bethlehem Inn” Dec. 16

On Dec. 16, come be a guest at the Bethlehem Inn, run by Eli and his wife, Sarah. A cast of characters ages 4 to much, much older will retell the old Christmas story in  song and movement during 10:30 a.m. worship.

Accommodations in Bethlehem are hard to find due to the census, but Eli has managed to hire a rambunctious group of younger workers to assist in making your stay comfortable.

Oh, don’t mind the pounding on the door, the complaining about taxes, the strangers sleeping in the stable, a fiery star (or is it a dragon?) overhead, and a ragtag group of sheepherders with an alarming story to tell. Follow the Christmas Star right to the Bethlehem Inn and maybe you will find a room, but wait…come quietly. There’s a baby sleeping…hush!