Connecting as a faith community

We asked you to identify experiments we can conduct as a congregation for connecting as a faith community, and you responded with gusto!

We got lots of ideas for building stronger relationships with each other: intimate group dinners, small group discussions on faith, all-ages sing-alongs and more. We also heard your interest in hiring a faith formation staff member to help our children connect better with the life of the church.

But a third area we heard from people throughout this process came back a little less clear–building connections with the community of Falcon Heights and our neighbors.

You put some great ideas forward about how we could use our building as more of a community resource–possibly hosting a community food shelf, or a Montessori school, or other options. And leadership is already investigating and exploring these ideas to see if any are a good fit.

But we’re still looking for ideas about new ways we can get out and into the community to build connections. So take this as an invitation to bring forward one more idea about what we can do to get out of our comfort zone and strengthen our ties to the community.

Whether it’s a new service project or an event you think we should be present for, send your ideas to any of the Crossroads Team: Carol Holm, Cor Wilson, Margee Fabyansky, Mary Gaasch, Brian Knapp, Connie Biggs, Larry Schumacher or Rev. Rick King.

We’ll incorporate any suggestions we receive into our final congregational roadmap, which we hope to have completed by the end of the year. Thanks again for your input!