Results are in!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their votes on the ideas and suggestions offered by fellow congregation members as experiments to improve our relationships with each other and with the community.

After collecting all the votes, a few things became clear: there is a strong desire to reconnect on an intimate level with each other; a strong desire to connect our children to the life of the congregation; and a strong desire to connect with the broader community in meaningful ways, using our facilities as an asset.

The top goals identified by those who cast their votes were:

  • Dinner for Eight: intimate meals with small groups of the congregation
  • Hiring a faith formation staff member
  • Conducting small group conversations on faith experiences
  • Sing-alongs for all ages
  • Making more use of our patio to connect with the neighborhood
  • A collection of other ideas revolving around the use of our building to serve the community

All the responses – not only those identified above – will be collected and used to help design our congregational road map to guide future decisions about small experiments and large strategic decisions the congregation may make.

In the near term, our Crossroads Team will meet with our multi-congregational cohort on Nov. 4 to share our results and plan next steps.