More input on priorities

Many thanks to those who stayed for the last 15 minutes of Sunday’s service for a time of visioning, discernment and prioritization of the ideas and suggestions that members of the congregation wrote on Post-it Notes as part of the Crossroads initiative. Thirty-eight people submitted responses to our request to choose three priorities from the list. If you weren’t at the service or you couldn’t stay, there’s still time to give us your priorities.

If you have not yet weighed in, we ask that you submit no more than three priorities that you think our church should focus on in the near term — ideas that would align closely with our mission and move us toward a position of vitality and relevance in the changing culture that churches all over the world are facing.

Why no more than three? We need to be cognizant of our resources of time, talent and funding. But also be aware that none of your ideas and suggestions will be discarded. Those not chosen for immediate action will be placed in a “parking lot” for future consideration. One of our tasks on the Crossroads Team will be to develop a process for reviewing these ideas on a regular basis, as well as inviting new ideas and suggestions.

Please turn your priorities in to the office as soon as you can. The Crossroads Team will tally the responses and will meet later this month  to review them.

This time of visioning, discernment and prioritizing is an important step in our life together. It will be a major piece in our Crossroads Road Map, and it’s important to get input from as many people as possible.