Minnesota Threshhold Network meeting

The Minnesota Threshold Network will hold its March meeting on Monday, March 9, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Gathering Room at Falcon Heights Church. We invite everyone to come.

MTN advocates for the environmental, emotional and economic benefits of a more natural, less commercial approach to death. This includes conscious dying, home vigils, family-directed funerals, and natural burials.

The meeting features “Reader’s Theater: At the Threshold.” In this drama, a death-caring community arises to meet the tragic deaths of two teenagers. This version has been edited for the Minnesota Threshold Network. It debuted in New York as a part of a national conference.

Come hear how individual community members reflect on their part in the holding of the two teenagers, Nina and Kirsten, and their families. The events took place in 1996 in Harlemville, New York. The reading encompasses both the time leading up to the car accident and throughout the home vigil and following days. The girls’ parents, Linda Bergh and Marianne and Dennis Dietzel, will be present and read their parts. Linda and Marianne are founding members of MTN.