Minnesota FoodShare drive begins

The annual Minnesota FoodShare drive has begun. Help stock the food shelves to combat hunger in our area.

When: Sunday, Feb. 16 through Sunday, April 5

Recipients: All food and money will go to the Department of Indian Work.

Where do I bring the food? Leave it in sturdy bags/boxes by the white buckets in the entry or in the shopping cart in the coat rack area.

What types of food? Non-perishable food in cans and packages. Same as what you want your family to eat: vegetables (especially varieties of beans), fruit, and the same types of foods with protein that Outreach requests monthly. Don’t forget healthy foods that kids like to eat too.

Is there a maximum? Absolutely NOT! Nancy Duffrin and Chuck Gramith would LOVE to make multiple trips to the DIW with a minivan or pickup truck loaded down.

Checks? Make checks out to Department of Indian Work. Mail or put in offering plate.

Cash? Put it in the white envelope in the pews with your name on it and indicate DIW on the envelope.Food donations