Multiplying our gifts: How 250 pounds of food became half a ton

Our Falcon Heights Church congregation donated just over 250 pounds of food during our March food drive, including many protein items. The food was taken to the Department of Indian Work food shelf this past week — along with an additional 250 pounds from a generous giver who matched the donations pound for pound.

The folks at DIW were astonished to see 500 pounds of food arriving at their door. “Look at all this food! This is unbelievable!” said one person who came to help unload. “This is one of our biggest donations this month.”

But that’s not the end of the story. Minnesota FoodShare matched our 500-pound donation, resulting in 1,000 pounds of food — half a TON — for the food shelf. Our Outreach Ministry Team says “Miigwech,” the Ojibwe word for thank you!