Join second Guided Conversation July 24 on new pastor

Plan to attend the Pastoral Search Committee’s second Guided Conversation Sunday, July 24, on our congregation’s expectations of a new pastor. Please join us and make sure your views are shared! Our worship service will go from 9:30 to 11 a.m. and will include about 45 minutes of small-group guided conversations. Kids’ program and extended childcare will be provided.

These are the questions we’ll discuss July 24:

  • Healthy congregations expect faithful pastors to respect their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. What are your expectations of our future pastor in regards to his/her daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly self-care?
  • Healthy congregations expect faithful pastors to be learning and growing constantly. In what ways do you expect our future pastor to seek inspiration and education?
  • Healthy congregations expect faithful pastors to share a balance of servant and leader. In your opinion, our future pastor and the congregation as a whole need to talk more about . . . .

If you can’t attend, please submit your answers by email to committee co-chairs Jenica Domanico ([email protected]) or Carol Holm ([email protected]) or send a written document to the church office. It’s very important that we hear from every member. If you missed the June 26 Guided Conversation, you can also submit your responses to the Guided Conversations #1 questions. You can also add to your responses on the charts in the Gathering Room.

The final Guided Conversation Sunday will be Aug. 21.